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RKDT Fosters!

Rachel Koehler Dog Training has partnered with Ring Dog Rescue to help in their mission to find homes for Pit Bulls in need!

How RKDT Fosters was born

At Rachel Koehler Dog Training we believe that a trained dog is more likely do find a home and stay in a home than an untrained dog! Growing up Rachel was always told that she should be a vet so she could help dogs in need. However... Rachel did not feel she was cut out for that and she was left feeling unsure as to how she could dedicate her life to the dogs that she loves so much. Then in 2017 she discovered the world of professional dog training! At that moment she knew Dog Training was for her! She realized that training peoples dogs would help them live better lives with their owners and insure they don't have to be rehomed for behavioral issues. In 2019 Rachel decided it was time to create her own business and with that, "Rachel Koehler Dog Training" was born. Rachel knew that she needed to work hard to grow her business so that one day she would be able to start Training Fosters and adopting them out! In 2020 Rachel foster failed (Fostered and then kept rather than rehomed) her Soul Dog Gaia! While Rachel never looked back she knew that when it was time she was able to foster again that she HAD to find a home for them. In January of 2023 a Training Graduate of RKDT found herself needing a new home so Rachel took her in and adopted her out, making her the first official RKDT Foster Dog! Then finally in July of 2023 Rachel was finally in the position to partner with a Rescue and begin taking Fosters regularly. Dogs come to RKDT from Ring Dog Rescue and Rachel trains them up and finds them homes! It was years in the making but finally, Rachel found a way to help dogs in need!

Why you should Adopt from RKDT Fosters?

One thing I hear most from people who worry about adopting dogs, especially adult dogs, is that you don't know anything about their behavior when you get them. I will say, that is a completely valid point. It can certainly be a bit unsettling to bring home a dog you know nothing about. That is where RKDT Fosters can help you! Our Fosters live with Rachel Koehler in her home! So not only will they be fully trained but Rachel will know a lot about them and will be able to tell you about their personality. On that same note- Rachel does not believe in sugar coating or withholding information to make dogs sound more appealing. If a dog has (or had) any behavioral issues to Rachel's knowledge she will make sure you are aware of them. By doing this she can make sure that dogs go to homes that best fit their needs and the the new adopters are ready to provide the dogs with any additional guidance, structure and training they may need to be successful!

In addition to that- how often do you get to adopt a FULLY TRAINED DOG?!?! Rachel Koehler Foster Dogs come fully on and off leash trained. They will know TEN obedience commands as well as basic manners such as no jumping, barking or pulling on leash. They will have had experience going out in public to dog friendly stores and they will have safe and proper socialization of dogs of all different age, size and personalities. 

Finally as an adopter of an RKDT Foster dog you become a part of the RKDT Family! Rachel makes a promius to all of her cleints (and adopters) that as long as you try you rbest aiwth the training and reachout if you need any help, that she will be your trainer for life. SO you will never have to worry about dealing with any behavioral issues (bug or small) on your own. Since you become a part of the RKDT Family when you adopt from us, your do will also be eligable to come back for Boarding if you ever need to go out of town or jjst want them to habve aplaydate with friends in a safe and stuctured enviroment. 

How does the Adoption Process work?

The first thing to note is that this is not your typical adoption. You are adopting a FULLY TRAINED DOG! In order for you (and the dog) to benefit from their training, YOU must learn their training too!
Here is the break down-
1st- You see pictures and videos of your new best friend online @RKDTFosterDogs and you fall madly in love
2nd- You fill out an application with Ring Dog Rescue and in the "Which dog(s) would you like to adopt?" section you fill out the RKDT Fosters name
3rd- Ring Dog Rescue will review your application and if you meed their requirments they will out you in contact with Rachel Koehler. You and Rachel will discuss what qualitys you are looking for in a dog and she will give you details and answer any wuestions you have about her Foster
4th- If Rachel feels like you (and your family) would be a good fit for her Foster she will schedule a meet and greet with you. You will get to meet the pup and Rachel will evaluate y'all interact and will continue to asses if this would be the best fit for you and the Foster!
4th- Once it is determined that you meed the quslificstions and the personalitlues seem to be a good fit, you (and your family) would need to go through the RKDT "Graduation Lessons". Think of this as your training. The Foster has had a minimum of Four Weeks to learn all of their commands. Now it is your turn!
How the Graduation Lessons work-
Appoximatley one week prior to begining your Graduation Lessons you will recieve a binder of information that will teach you all of the your new pups training! Then you (and your family) will participate in a minimum of 6 (one hour long) lessons. Most lessons will take place in Rachels Home. During these lessons you will ge tto practice yout new dogs training hands on. One of your graduation lessons will take place in public (at a dog friendly loaction) to ensure you are comfrotable using your new dogs training "in the real world". Finally one of your lessons will take place in your home so Rachel can help to make sure your new dog transitions into their new home as seemlessly as possible. 
5th- Once your graduation lessons are complete you will fill out the last bit of your paperwork with Ring Dog Rescue and you will be able to take your new best friend home! 
6th- Enjoy life with your new companion and dont forget to come back to RKDT 30, 60 and 90 days later for training check ins to make sure everything is going smoothly!

What if I have other pets at home?

Each dog that comes to us has their own personality! Some dogs love other dogs, some tolerate them and some would rather just be an only dog in the home. It really depends on who we have with us at any given time. You are alway welcome to reach out and see how our current Foster dogs with other dogs. That being said, we believe in setting up all the dogs in the family for success and of course the best way to do that is through training. So if you do have an existing dog(s) at home and you adopt a dog with us will receive a $1500 credit towards a Board & Train for your preexisting pup! That is equivalent to 50% OFF the their training (not including the cost of tools) We do this because we know that everyones best chance of success is when we can all "speak the same language" through the training. Note that depending on the Foster and your dog- it may be required that your preexisting dog goes through training prior to you adopting the Foster. This is decided on a case by case basis. Your training credit must be used within 6 months of adopting an RKDT Foster and the 50% off deal is only eligible for dogs you had prior to adopting the foster. If you bring home an additional dog AFTER adopting your RKDT Foster reach out to Rachel for information on that discount. Finally pelase note that ALL discounts are done out of teh goodness of Rachel's heart and she does maintain the right to deny the discounnt if their extenuating circumstances so be sure to talk with her directly about his dicount to confrim yourt eliagibiltyl

How much does it cost?

You will need to pay an adoption fee to Ring Dog Rescue. They will provide you with information on that when you fill out your application. I cannot speak to their curfrent adoiptoin price so be sure to ask them!\

Then you will need to purchase the training tools that the Foster has been trained on. This is $240 to Rachel Koehler Dog Training and this includes your Ecollar, Prong Collar and Place Cot.
You are aslo able to purcase add-ons such as:
Fun colored quick release ecollar straps ($25)
Quick release prong collar buckle ($20)
Fun colored ecollar remote skins ($12)

In addtion to the above cots you will need to make sure you have the neccisary dog supplies at home.

An appropriatley sized kennel
A name tag for thier ecollar

6ft leash (No retractable leashes)
15ft long leash
Food/Water bowl


Nanny cam (To monitor dog in kennel)

Finally if you do not already have a Vet it is recommended to begin looking for one before brining your pup home as many vets have waitlists. 

Available Dogs

To be honest- Rachel is too busy running around with all the dogs to remember to consistanly update the website (oops) 
So the best place to see the current Foster is to check out social media! Instagram is honestly the best option since it will allow you to see posts, stories and reels all in one place. Find your next best friend on Instagram @RKDTFosterDogs! Be sure to give us a follow so you can stay up to date on the current Foster Dogs Joruney as well as to keep an eye out for future Fosters! 
If you arent on Instagram you can also find us on Facebook at RKDT Fosters. Finally, if social media isn't for you we completely understand! You can reach out to Rachel directly at 804-441-2484 (be sure to leave a voicemail letting her know you are inquiring about any available fosters. Or you could email Rachel at or finally you can email Ring Dog Rescue at

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