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Get To Know Your Trainer

People always ask me how I got into dog training.
So I want to share my story with y'all!

Yes, I am a dog trainer.
But more than that, I am a dog lover.

There are some trainers out there that give the rest of us a bad reputation. People may think that just because I am a dog trainer and my dogs have rules and structure, that I am not a crazy dog lover. I can assure you that is far from the truth. I love my dogs (client and personal) more than anything. My dog is my whole world, so know that when I am speaking to you as a trainer, I am also a dog owner and lover. Know that I can relate with you about some of the struggles you may be having during your training journey. Because training is just that, a journey. It doesn't happen overnight! So with that being said I will share some more pictures and stories with y'all!

Christmas Photo 2020
Here I am with Blue (left) and Gaia (right) for the our 2020 Christmas card! This photoshoot was shortly after I brought Gaia home so Blue still wasn't too sure what to think of her, clearly by the look on his face. This was also Gaia's first photoshoot so she wasn't sure the point of the flashing lights. Blue was the family dog, he passed away June 2021. I miss him bunches but am so grateful for the time we had with him and the lessons he taught me.

My Favorite Photo of Blue
I love photography and Blue was always my go-to model growing up. I have countless pictures of him from our photoshoots together, a few of which I thought were my favorite. After Blue passed away this picture has been the one that comes to mind the most. It is just a candid shot of him doing what he loved, standing on the couch to look out the window, but it just really captured his goofy personality to me. 


Gaia's Story
Gaia is my very first dog that is my dog. I, of course, had family dogs growing up, but she's my first baby. She's a Foster Fail, and to make it even funnier, I had zero intentions of keeping her. I began fostering her when I was interning in Rhode Island. Her owners surrendered her to the training facility I was working at, she was already living at the facility for almost a year when I got there. The lady who was fostering her was no longer able to so I took over. When I got her she was about 15 pounds underweight and covered in sores. I did NOT want to keep her, I thought she wasn't the dog I was looking for on my search for a dog of my very own, but I would take care of her until I found her a home. I kept telling myself that until my internship ended abruptly. It was time for me to go back to Virginia, and Gaia didn't have a home yet. It was't until the day before I came back home that I realized that she already had a home, with me. She wasn't what I was looking for but she was exactly what I needed and she is pretty darn perfect! Since getting back to VA I have put some weight on her and cleared up her skin. She is now happier and healthier than ever!

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