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Board & Train Program

This is a three week course. During this course your pup will live with me just like my own dog. During their time with me they will get training time, nap time, socialization around dogs an people, field trips and play time!

By having your pup stay with me for three weeks it allows for me to get in a lot of practice with their obedience commands as well as begin to pattern all the good behaviors we want!

Board & Train Program

Let me do all the training for you!

I will put in the reps with your dog and teach them everything they need to know. Then at the end of the three week course, during the graduation lessons, I  "train" you on everything your dog learned and teach you how to get the most out of training!


With this course your dog will learn all the commands on and off leash. They will also get practice with crucial life skills such as crate training, door manners, existing around other dogs and much more! After the three week course and your graduation lessons, I will give you a set of rules to follow for 90-days after training. These rules will help set you and your pup up for success!

This course includes-

  • Three Weeks of Training

  • Daycare During the Course

  • Four Graduation Lessons

  • Prong Collar

  • E-Collar

  • Place Cot.

Additional tools can be purchased upon request-

You are also gifted THREE FREE follow up lessons. These follow up lessons should be scheduled for 30, 60 and 90 days after your graduation lesson.

This way I can be there to help during your 90-day protocol!

I highly encourage all my clients to take advantage of their free follow up lessons!

Price: $3240

If you have any questions about this course or if you would like to get on the waitlist, please send me an email.

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