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   *Spots extremely limited, book your boarding ahead of time for the to help ensure you get the days you need! *   


Looking for overnight care for your pup that won't have a negative impact on their training? Our facility has a balanced approach where your pup will get equal parts mental exercise (through training) and physical exercise (from the treadmill and playtime). This is great because it will not only allow us to help you keep your pups training in tip-top shape but also make sure they've had some exercise and socialization.

By only accepting trained dogs who pass evaluation we are able to advocate for all our dogs in the play group! No need to worry about other dogs playing too rough with yours, or yours with theirs, because with a group of fully off leash trained pups we can advocate for everyone. By just saying "Out" everyone will move away and give each other space until it is time to continue playing.


Boarding Policies and Pricing

All graduates of Daycare Training and Board & Trains are eligible for Boarding

Please note that your dog can lose their Boarding privileges at anytime, for any reason.
The main reason a dog may lose their eligibility for Boarding is if they are not getting the training/structure they need at home. Some dogs need more structure than others and if a dog isn't getting the structure they need at home that can cause a negative ripple effect here during Boarding. This could potentially be a safety issue that we cannot have with our boarding dogs. NOTE: If your dog has not been at the facility in 6 months or longer. I can ask for an eval.


$60/Day (Six days or less)
$55/Day (Seven days or more)

Additional dogs will get a $10 discount

Please reach out to Rachel and see if boarding is available.

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