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During a Board & Train your go will learn 10 commands

The commands I teach are:

Sit, Down, Settle, Place, Heel, Recall, Out,

 Lets Go, Stay Over Here, Kennel

Put your bottom on the
ground and stay
until you are released.

Lay down and stay there
until released.

Lay down with no implied stay.

"Place"- Lay on a defined object (cot, dog bed, blanket) and stay until released.

"Heel"- Walk on my lefthand side,
turn when I turn, sit when I stop.

"(Dog's name) Here" (Recall)-
Stop what you're doing, come to me,
and sit or lay down.

"Out"- Stop what you're doing, disengage and walk away/drop whats in your mouth.
(can be from people, food, toys, treats, other pets)
*Video coming soon*


"Lets Go"- Move with me
*Video coming soon*


"Stay Over Here"- You've gone too far. Stop moving in the direction you are going.
*Video coming soon*


"Kennel"- Go in your kennel and lay down
*Video coming soon*


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