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For all my courses I teach the same seven commands a


The commands I teach are:

Sit, Down, Settle, Place, Heel, Recall, Out

What the commands mean

"Sit"- Put your bottom on the ground and stay until you are released.

"Down"- Lay down and stay there until released.

"Settle"- Lay down with no implied stay.

"Place"- Lay on a defined object (cot, dog bed, blanket) and stay until released.

"(Dog's name) Here" (Recall)- Stop what you're doing, come to me, and sit or lay down.

"Out"- Stop what you're doing, disengage and walk away (can be from people, food, treats, toys, other pets)

"Heel"- Walk on my lefthand side, turn when I turn, sit when I stop.


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