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Success Stories

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success stories,

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is a graduate of Hands Off Training.

I first met Zola for a Training Consultation back in October 2020. Her owners were having trouble walking her because she was sometimes leash reactive. My first interaction with Zola I got to see just how leash reactive she was, she lunged and snapped at me ripping my shirt. Luckily she missed my arm! Her parents got right to work muzzle conditioning her so that when it was time for her to start training, we could implement new safety protocols. She then started training with me in January of 2021. Once Zola got to know me she turned into a cuddle bug. Through training, she has learned to start making better choices. Now her parents can walk her in a heel past people without holding their breathe wondering if she will reactive towards this person or not. They now have new skills and tools so they are able to happily and confidently take her for walks. Their first walk with Zola after training was so peaceful, her Dad had to look down to make sure that she was actually walking with him because she was walking so calmly next to him, he almost forgot she was there. A big 180 from walks prior to training when she would pull the whole time and they had to be on guard to make sure she wasn't going to reactive towards anyone. Her parents have done a great job with their homework so far, they look forward to being able to take her out on more adventures and enjoy their dog more!


is a graduate of Hands Off Training Course.

She came to me for training in May of 2020. SJ had two major issues that we needed to address during training. She was leash reactive and would pull her Mom like crazy during their daily walks. She also had sever separation anxiety. When left alone SJ would destroy the house, opining cabinets, knocking things off the counters, ruining furniture, etc. When crated she would damage the crate and injure herself. Her Mom went through two trainers with no success and was not sure what to do next. After completing my Hands Off Course SJ and her Mom's lives have changed. They are now able to go for calm walks together without SJ reacting at any other dogs. She also does well in her crate now so her Mom is able to live her life without SJ's separation anxiety controlling it! They have done a great job keeping up with the training and they are both much happier for it!


is a graduate of Hands Off

Training Course. I first heard of Stevie through my neighborhood Facebook page. Stevie was missing and her new owners were doing everything they could to find her. I then learned about Stevie's story. She lived as a stray for years, she was nearly impossible to catch. Once she was finally caught she was adopted out to a family. She escaped again! Back to the streets where she stayed until she was finally caught again. Finally, she was adopted by her new (and furever) family... within a week Stevie The Escape Artist was lost again. Her owners didn't give up, they brought the community together and within a week they had her back home safe and sound! It was then that her owners decided to sign Stevie up for training to help make sure she never gets lost again! Through training Stevie was able to gain some confidence and learn to be happy in her home with her owners who love her. She learned a solid recall incase she were ever to escape again, and we also practice a lot of threshold drills teaching her not to leave the front door or the gate without permission. This course was able to give Stevie the little reboot that she needed to be able to live happily ever after! 


is a graduate of 

my Hands Off Training Course. I first met Moseley when I trained his sister Stevie about six months prior to his training. When I first met Moseley I was informed to just keep my distance from him as he was not the friendliest with guests. However, his presence helped Stevie significantly so he hung out with us quite a bit. I had to back tie (attach his leash to a sturdy object) him so that he could not reach me if he tired to bite, but could still be in the room for Stevie. He was so nervous and insecure that he would just sit there and growl at me the first few days. Over Stevie's six week course I was able to gain some trust from Moseley. The growling stopped and he would even take some food from me, but he did not like to be close to me. About six months later his family contacted me for training with him. Through training I was able to take our relationship to the next level (to the point where he would cuddle up to me) and build is confidence tremendously. I took him on field trips. We practiced existing around strangers not only in public (at Home Depot) but also in his own house! Before training if a stranger entered his yard he would bark at them and try to bite at their legs. By the end of training he was able to calmly hold a Place was a strange walked into the yard. Through training Moseley was able to come out of his shell and be much happier!

is a graduate of my Hands Off Training


Course! Abby was a rescue from a hoarder case so she is very skittish. She came to me for training to help build her confidence. She was scared of the celling fan and terrified to go outside. She has overcome her fear of the fan, and is much more comfortable outside! She has come a long way and her owners are doing a great job keeping up with her training! They are now able to enjoy walks together. They also plan on RVing around the country with Abby. Before training that would not have been possible. She would have been too nervous. Now that they have this training, they are able to give Abby the guidance that she needs to be a confident and happy pup! Through training they are able to be the leader that Abby needs. Now abby doesn't have to be worried about the world around her, she can focus on her parents and just enjoy being with them because she now knows that they will advocate for her!

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