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Don't take our word, take theirs!

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"Rachel is amazing.  She treated our dog like her own, and Bonnie (Our Westie) loved going to training.  The dog after training was still the lovable fur ball we call ours, except she listened to commands.  She no longer runs into the woods.  When we say here she stops and immediately comes to us.  More importantly, she trained us as well.
And when we are at home and have a question, our texts never go unanswered.  Thank you Rachel.  Every dog we ever get will be going through your program."


"Using Rachel Koehler Dog Training was exactly the support we needed and we believe Daisy enjoyed the experience as well. Even though Daisy completed her training, we also take advantage of sending her to day care with Rachel, Gaia, and the rest of the bunch. We feel this is good for her to spend some days under Rachel’s supervision so that she can have fun with the rest of her doggie pals and maintain a happy lifestyle.
My family is so happy with our decision to send our dog to Rachel Koehler Dog Training, it has changed our lives for the better & given our dog a better quality of life. We can’t recommend this facility enough!"



"You can not do any better for training your dog than Rachel Koehler Dog Training. Rachel loves dogs and her training methods are exceptional. And even after training is completed, Rachel is always there should you or your dog need additional help. Plus Rachel is a very warm, friendly likable person."


"Rachel has been fantastic to work with from the first phone call to the follow up post training. Prior to training, Frida was reactive on leash and challenging to manage at home. She really gave me the skills to allow me manage the reactivity and have a balanced, well-mannered pup. I recommend Rachel to everyone I know! Thanks so much for giving the skills to help manage Frida! Can’t wait to see how much she’ll love daycare!"



"We highly recommend Rachel. Our then 10 month old English mastiff went through her daycare training program. Before training he was a big boy (170lbs) who loved everyone, would pull me into a parking lot to see someone and would drag me to any dog he saw because he wanted to play. He didn’t have an “off switch” at home. He constantly play bit our daughters ankles. After training he’s still a big boy at 180-185lbs and he still loves people and dogs but he no longer pulls me and I can now walk him without worrying if we are going to see someone. He no longer playfully bites any ones ankles. And he has an “off switch” at home. She gave us the tools we needed and has been there every step of the way, answering all 46264849273 of my questions. I can’t thank her enough for helping us with our puppy!"


"Words can’t describe how appreciative we are of Rachel and her facility. We have now known her for almost 2 years and she has always treated our dog Ford, as if he is her own. We adopted a rescue dog 3+ years ago who was in severe need of training and structure. Rachel has always been patient and consistent with Ford, and now that he recently turned 4 you would never know how many training issues he had when we got him. We use Rachel for daycare/boarding as well - super flexible communication, huge fenced in play area (super important since ford is a border collie mix and gets zoomies), structured and always dependable. We have tried over 6 daycare facilities since we moved to Richmond a few years ago and this is by far our favorite. Not to mention Ford loves Rachel, and her dog Gaia!
Highly recommend."

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