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Group Classes

Group classes are a great way to bond with your dog  through training and meet new people, from 6 feet apart of course! 


These courses are designed for owners who want to be apart of the learning process with their dog! Owners will have homework each week and success of these courses are dependent on the owners willingness their homework!


These are perfect for the dog who doesn't have any severe behavioral issues (since the dog will need to be able to be in a group setting) but who would benefit from learning some manners! 

Group will meet once a week for two hours, for the duration of the six week course. Please bring training treats for your dog for both class options. 

    On Leash   

 Group Class 

The On Leash Group Class is a great first step in your training journey with your dog!

During this course your dog will learn all the commands on leash.

This will give your dog excellent manner on leash, and it gives you a great foundation to your training if you want to move on to off leash training in the future.

Price: $560

This price includes the following-

6 Week Group Class, Prong Collar and a Place Cot.

   Off Leash     

 Group Class  

Off leash training is a great way continue your dogs training journey. Off leash training opens the door for endless adventures with your pup!

Your dog will learn all the commands off leash so they can be held accountable from a distance. This will also give them a reliable recall which is very important!

Dogs must have completed an on leash course with me prior to attending the off leash course.

Please bring your prong and place cot from your previous training course with me.

Price: $780

This price includes the following-

6 Week Group Class and an E-Collar.

There will need to be a minimum of three participants and

a max of five for these courses.

If you are interested in joining a group class please email me so we can discuss the scheduling for the next available class.

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