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One-On-One Classes

One-on-ones are a great option for any owners who want to be a part of the training processes!

These options will also allow you to watch those magical "ah-ha" moments when your dog learns something new! 

Owners will have homework each week and success of these courses are dependent on the owners willingness their homework!

Since these are private lessons dogs, this is a great option for the dog who may have been too rowdy or easily distracted for the group class.

We would meet weekly for the duration of the course.


 On & Off Leash Course 

This is the perfect course for owners who want to be apart in the training process

During this 8 weeks course we will meet up for approximately two hours once a week. During that time I will work with you and your dog. Then you will be assigned you homework for the week.

Remember, the success of any one-on-one course is dependent on you keeping up with your homework!


Your dog will learn all the commands on and off leash so they can be held accountable near and far. 

With just eight weeks and your dedication to your dogs training, you can have a full trained on and off leash dog! 

Price: $1240

This price includes the following-

8 Week One-On-One Course, Prong Collar, E-Collar and a Place Cot.

If you have any questions about the One-On-One Courses, or if you would like to schedule a course with me, please send me an email.

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