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Daycare Training

Drop off your pup at school with me Monday-Friday for four weeks. 
This course will give your pup something fun to do during the day while you're at work. During their time with me they will get training time, nap time, then once they've reached a certain stage in their training they will even get socialization/play time with other pups!


Daycare Training

Let me do all the training for you! All you've got to do is drop your pup off in the morning and pick them up in the evening.

(You will scheduled an agreed upon drop off/ pick up time with the trainer)

I will put in the reps with your dog and teach them everything they need to know. Then at the end of the four week course, during the graduation lessons, I  "train" you on everything your dog learned and teach you how to get the most out of training!


With this course your dog will learn all the commands on and off leash. They will also get practice with crucial life skills such as crate training, door manners, existing around other dogs and much more! After the four week course and your graduation lessons, I will give you a set of rules to follow for 90-days after training. These rules will help set you and your pup up for success!

This course includes-

  • Four Weeks of Training

  • Daycare During the Course

  • Four Graduation Lessons

  • Prong Collar

  • E-Collar

  • Place Cot.

Additional tools can be purchased upon request-

  • Safety Clip

  • Longline

  • Prong Buckle

  • E-Collar Buckle

You are also gifted THREE FREE follow up lessons. These follow up lessons should be scheduled for 30, 60 and 90 days after your graduation lesson.

This way I can be there to help during your 90-day protocol!

I highly encourage all my clients to take advantage of their free follow up lessons!

Course Availability 

This course is Temporarily Unavailable.

Over the past several months I have seen a drastic difference in the results between the Board & Trains and the Daycare Training. The Board & Train results are far batter. Not to mention the dogs in the Board & Train seem to enjoy the training much more. My best guess for this is with Daycare Training the dogs bounce back and forth between freedom at home and structure here. By living these separate lives, freedom at home and structure here, it can put a bad taste in their mouth about training. It makes this boring school so they don't enjoy it. I want your pup to enjoy training! With the Board & Train it becomes a natural part of everyday life so they're able to settle into a routine and enjoy their time here more!

Will Daycare Training ever be available again?

I will most likely bring this course back mid/end 2023. I will need time to adjust this course so I can make it better for the pups who attend Daycare Training. This will most likely look like weekly lessons for the owners so they can begin training at home with their pup on weekends and evenings! That will make for a less drastic change between home life and training here at the facility!

In the meantime, check out my Board & Train Program!

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